Ern Foutner, Jr,. brand strategist and real estate developer, is an entrepreneurial enthusiast with over 8 years of integrated experience in strategic brand consulting, business startup  and real estate development in the Detroit, Atlanta, Pittsburgh and New York markets. Ern is an innovative digital content creator and compelling story-teller with experience working in both online and offline channels in order to maximize brand exposure and elevate brand profiles.

At Wayne State University, he studied Business Management and Marketing, where he learned the principles of brand strategy. With a natural aptitude for creative problem solving and strategizing, Ern began applying what he learned by offering business development and brand strategy assistance to his entrepreneurial and creative peers and colleagues. These experiences created opportunities for him to advance his skills and professional network, and in 2013, he launched Ern Foutner, Jr., LLC, a privately-owned brand strategy firm committed to delivering innovative, cross-cultural marketing solutions that build businesses, enhance brands and transform lives.

Beyond his work with clients, Ern is committed to operating as a pillar for the city of Detroit, heavily participating in Detroit’s resurgence through reigniting its neighborhoods and communities, via real estate development that is not only innovative, but inclusive to all, and culturally-driven. In 2015, he founded Neu Legacy Builders, a community-forward real estate development, investment and marketing firm that specializes in residential and commercial mixed use development, sales and real estate marketing. Neu Legacy is committed to developing properties that cultivate culture, deliver luxury living for affordable pricing and provide positive fiscal impacts to our neighborhoods and communities.

Ern has a growing network of thousands of professionals and creatives that continue to assist him with his mission of elevating the People and our communities. Ern is a dynamic influencer who takes every opportunity to sharpen his craft and explore his passion for community enhancement, cultural and creative innovation.


  • Neu Legacy Builders

  • JPMorgan Chase

  • Learn. Build. Lunch.

  • Detroit Land Bank

  • Detroit Development Fund

  • Invest Detroit

  • General Motors

  • The Mobile Business School

  • House of Pure Vin

  • National Black MBA Association

  • Michigan Democratic Black Caucus

  • Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Detroit Economic Growth Corp

  • Neighborhood Legal Services Michigan

  • Opulent Realty Team

  • VoteUp Detroit, Advisor

  • Aliff Parker Financial Services